England beat Ireland After World Cup 2019


England beat Ireland by 143 runs after ICC World Cup 2019. It is once again proven that Cricket is a game of uncertainty. England proved that everything is possible in the Cricket match. After the ICC world cup win in their first match, England faced very weak team Ireland.

England beat Ireland by 143 runs to win Test match after ICC World Cup 2019 at Lord's
England beat Ireland by 143 runs

The World Cup Champion team England team collapsed in front of comparatively very weaker opponent Ireland team. England’s batsman has been able to score only 85 in a lot of trouble in their first Test Cricket match after World Cup.

In the second innings, England beat Ireland by 143 runs after World Cup 2019 wins. Chris Oaks, the hero of England’s victory. He struck out the opponent with 6 wickets for 17 runs.

Ireland failed to use the opportunity of England’s low score in the first inning. Joe Root proved that it was just an accident that they scored only 85 runs in the first inning.

England scored 303 runs in the second innings. At the end of the third day, England has scored 303 runs for 9 wickets. On the fourth day of the match, Oli Stone returned without adding any runs.

In the second innings, Ireland team could not perform well. The goal was not too difficult for the Irish. Ireland needed only 42 runs to win the test match so, England beat Ireland team easily.

The Irish were also hopes that they will win the first Test. But unfortunately Irish could not imagine that the British would be back again. Ireland’s batting line up collapsed in front of the disastrous bowling of England.

Ireland was all out for only 38 runs in 15.4 overs. This is their lowest run in the Test cricket match. This match was ranked number 5 on the all-time lowest run list.

Meanwhile the World Cup Winner, England have to worry about their batting line up before the Ashes, even if they win the Test against Ireland.

Finally, England beat Ireland by 143 runs after World Cup, but they have to worry about their batting line up before the Ashes series.

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