Virat Kohli Meets Queen Elizabeth Back Kohinoor


Virat Kohli Meets Queen Elizabeth Fans ask Captain To Bring Back Kohinoor! What Queen Says? Is it true that if Virat wins the world cup crown then Queen will give the Kohinoor back? Here all you should know about the news.

Cricket World World Cup Fever is spread across the country. After the General Election-2019 or Loksabha Vote 2019 the whole country looking to see the performance of Team India in England.

Virat Kohli Meets Queen Elizabeth Fans wants bring back Kohinoor
Kohli Meets Queen

In this scenario, a piece of funny news spreads on different internet-based social media platforms. A popular website named ‘Story Pick’ has recently released a piece of strange news. According to the source, It has been said that if India won the Cricket World Cup 2019, then Queen Elizabeth gave her the world famous and historic ‘Kohinoor’ diamond return to India.

Although the thing is absolutely joke. The all Cricket World Cup team’s captains met Queen Elizabeth on a special dinner at the beginning of the World Cup a few days ago. It was obvious that there was also a great Virat Kohli Meets Queen Elizabeth.

All Captains & Virat Kohli Meet With Queen Elizabeth At Dinner Party

All took pictures together with Queen Elizabeth, dinner party. She also greeted all the captains of all the countries. Then there was a lot of funny moment happen with Elizabeth meet. The last addition to this fun list is given by Queen Elizabeth that she will give back ‘Kohinoor’ to India if India wins the World Cup. You should remember that ‘Story Peaks’ are mentioned by sources that are not available through reliable sources.

India will play their first Cricket World Cup 2019 match against South Africa on Wednesday,05th  jun’19 at Southampton. Before India match, South Africa defeated by Bangladesh in their first match. So South Africa will be desperately trying to win like a tiger eaten normally.

 On the other hand, the news came on Sunday that Virat Kohli got the minor injury in a net practice session. Hopefully, Virat Kohli is declared as fit for the first match. Now, all the India Cricket lovers waiting for the good result in Southampton field!

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