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Kolkata Knight Riders Team select tow new members David Hussey as Chief mentor and Kyle David Mills as bowling coach

The Kolkata Knighter Riders team is one of the famous franchises in the IPL tournaments. In every session of IPL KKR give a dramatical impact on the event. The KKR franchise is owned jointly by Bollywood king Sharukh khan with co-actress Juhi Chawla and businessman Jay Mehta. The upcoming 13th edition IPL is knocking at the door. The cricket lovers and IPL fans are eagerly waiting for the event. All you knew that IPL is the top most popular domestic sporting event since 2008.

The Kolkata Knight Riders team Appoint David Hussy and Kyle Miller

In this scenario, the Kolaka Knight Rider team recruits two greate international cricketers Australian David Hussy and Kiwis Kyle miller.

Kolkata Knight Riders team appoint David Hussey, former Australian batsman as KKR Chief Mentor and Kyle David Miller, former Newzealand fast bowler as KKR Bowling coach.

Kolkata knight riders are not only making there appoints they also making a big appoint for the KKR team coach. They recruit the great Kiwis big hitter batsman Bredon McCullum as the head coach for IPL 2020 edition.

Kolkata Knight Riders Team appoint Devid Hussey as Chief Mentor
Kolkata Knight Riders Team Chief Mentor and Bowling Coach

David Hussey’s history in KKR IPL team

David Hussey, former Australian terrific batsman who had more than 300 T20 matches playing experience. He had three years (2008 to 2010) players experience at KKR team.

About David Hussey

David hussy is a terrific Australian right-hand batsman, born on 15th July 1977. He is not the only player from his family who played for the Australian cricket team. His elder brother Michel Hussey also played for the Australian cricket team.

David Hussy ODI Stats

1st one-day international match: 4th July 2008 VS West Indies

Total one-day international match: 69

Total one-day international Runs: 1796

 David Hussy T20I Stats

1st International T20 match: 1st February 2008 VS India

Total International T20 match: 39

Total International T20 Runs: 756

David Hussy Test Stats

1st Test match:

Total Test match:

Total Test Runs:

David Hussy IPL Stats

1st IPL match:

Total IPL match: 64

Total IPL Runs: 1322

Kyle David Millis’s history in KKR IPL team

Kyle Miller, born in New Zealand on 15th March 1979, had more than 42 international Twenty Twenty (T20) match fast bowling experience with a great success record.

About Kyle David Mills

Kyle David Millis ODI Stats

1st one-day international match: 15th April 2001 Vs Pakistan

Total one-day international match: 170

Total one-day Wickets Runs: 240

Kyle David Millis T20I Stats

1st International T20 match: 17th February 2005 Vs Pakistan

Total International T20 match: 42

Total International T20 Wickets: 43

Kyle David Millis Test Stats

1st Test match: 10th June 2004 Vs England

Total Test match: 19

Total Test Wickets: 44

Kyle David Millis IPL Stats

1st IPL match:–

Total IPL match:–

Total IPL Runs:–

Bredon McCullum’s KKR IPL history

All the cricket fans around the world knew that Bredon McCullum is a big hitter. We can not forget his first IPL match playing for KKR in 2008. In IPL 2008, 1st edition of IPL, Bredon Mcllum scored 158 runs in just 73 balls. To score 158 runs he made 10 numbers of boundaries, 13 numbers of over boundaries.

About Bredon McCallum

Bredon McCullum is a former New Zealand cricketer, who participated in all formats types of cricket.He is born on 27th September 1981.

Bredon McCullum ODI Stats

1st one-day international match: 17th January, VS Australia

Total one-day international match: 260

Total one-day international Runs: 6083

Bredon McCullum T20I Stats

1st International T20 match: 17th February 2005

Total International T20 match: 71

Total International T20 Runs: 2140

Bredon McCullum Test Stats 

1st Test match: 10th March 2004 Vs South Africa

Total Test match: 101

Total Test Runs: 6453

Bredon McCullum IPL Stats

1st IPL match: 2008

Total IPL match: 109

Total IPL runs: 2880

So all Kolkata Knight Riders team supporters and management highly expecting big success for the upcoming IPL 2020 tournaments.

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