Ravi Shastri Controversy At World Cup’19


Ravi Shastri Controversy on ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 For Viral Photo On Social Media Before  South Africa Vs India match

Ravi Shastri Controversy on ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 For Viral Photo On Social Media

India has started the Cricket World Cup campaign at the end of the others team. So, there was enough time for them to get ready before playing the first match. They prepared different types of preparation like Gym session, Paint Ball practice, etc. But unfortunately, on the day before the match, Team Indan coach Ravi Sastri got involved in the controversy.

Ravi Shastri Controversy for viral social Media Picture

In a picture on Social Media, he was seen with two foreign women. After that, the Ravi Shastri Controversy started. In that picture, coach Ravi Shastri has been seen by two foreign women with an unknown man. Although the identity of the two women and stranger man are not cleared till now.

It does not take much time to spread such a picture on Social Media platforms. Friedman, the popular face of Twitter, and the Australian journalist started trolling with the Sastris’s picture. He commented on  the picture, “India’s preparations for the World Cup are going on very well.” Then many others started to respond to that picture. Pakistani supporters are making the most ridiculous reaction about Ravi Shastri Controversy.

However, some people still stand with Ravi Shastri. Many Indian cricket lovers give their moral support for the Indian coach. But Friedman did not miss the slightest opportunity to criticize Ravi Shastri. He also posted the Ravi Shastri Controversy picture on his Facebook profile too. After that, this image goes viral on the Social Media platforms.

Earlier on Monday, there was another controversy surrounding the India team about the press conference. It was said by India Team Management, that two net bowlers, Deepak Chahar, and Asha Khan will be attending the press conference. Since both Deepak and Asha are not in the 15 player list. So naturally, journalists are angry and protest on it. Hopefully, Indian team management did not send them for a press conference. Then the controversy was stopped for that period.

Another controversy for India Team

But unfortunately, the controversy did not leave them for a long time. This time the controversy come back from Ravi Shastri as Ravi Shastri Controversy on the day before the match against South Africa.

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