Sourav Ganguly BCCI President


Sourav Ganguly, the prince of Calcutta comes in the highest administrative position of the Indian Cricket Team. Now he will also be known as Sourav Ganguly BCCI president.

Sourav Ganguly comes in highest administrative position of India Cricket.Now Sourav Ganguly is the President of BCCI
Sourav Ganguly BCCI President

Earlier, he has brought a lot of pride as a player to the country. As a player, he has served the Indian Cicketfrom 1996 till 2008 The Indian Cricket Team played Cricket World Cup Final against Australia in 2003 under his leadership. Not only Cricket World Cup Final also many more milestones achieved by the India team by his leadership.

Now Dada will be called Sourav Ganguly BCCI President soon

Now, our favorite Sourav Ganguly, DADA has been elected as the head of Indian Cricket Administrator. At present, it is clear that Sourav is the next President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

However, the road to becoming the BBCI president was not smooth for Sourav. In the beginning, Brijesh Patel is far ahead for the President. Brijesh Patel is very close to former BCCI President N. Srinivasan. But suddenly, he was out of the presidential race. On the other hand, Amit Shah’s son Jay Shah is elected as BCCI secretary.

Right now Sorav is in president position of Calcutta Cricket Association (CAB). The term as CAB president will end in September 2020. He will take over the BCCI president charge before his CAB presidency normally expires. He will resign from CAB before take over the BCCI new position.

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Sourav’s appointment to Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), Sourav Ganguly BCCI President is a dream victory for every Bengalis. Before that, he had to fight a lot to get an opportunity in the Indian Cricket Team. He has shown his ability from the very beginning to get the opportunity for the Indian cricket team. The great Sourav led the Indian Cricket Team in a time of distress. He gave the team proper leadership when the team was accused of match-fixing.

The India Cricket fans are very excited and expect to see the magic of DADA again. Not only the cricket fans Cricket administrative members also want dramatical changes in the India Cricket. We hope Dada will give his best effort and give us a clean Indian cricket administration.

Batsman Sourav Ganguly to Sourav Ganguly BCCI President

The former Indian Cricket team captain and an extraordinary left-hand batsman, Sourav Ganguly, also known as DADA.

He has served the Indian team as a player from 1996 to 2008. He got the chance to play Test Cricket in 1996 and retired from test cricket in 2008. In his test cricket career, he has played a total of 113 test matches.

Apart from Test cricket, he has shown noticeable talent in One Day Cricket (ODI). His first ODI debut in 1992 Vs West Indies and last ODI was in 2007 Vs Pakistan. In his ODI career, he has played a total of 313 matches with 41.0 averages run.

In the short format of Cricket, meanTweenty20 cricket, he played his first Tween20 match in 2005 and last played twenty 20 in 2012.

Sourav Ganguly’s Cricket Career Stats

Sl.No Total Match Total Runs Average Runs Strike Rate
Test 113 7212 42.2 51.2
ODI 311 11363 41.0 73.7
T20 77 1726 25.0 107.0

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